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Jan 10, 2013

This following paragraph was taken from a home magazine that focuses on storage and using spaces well in the home.

It might seem, in this age of electronic books and computer tablets, that a library is an outdated (1)room to include in a home. But, it could be argued(2), that it is because we have so much noise and technology in our lives that we need a quiet room of books. Libraries are places of peace. When we are in them we need to whisper (3)and walk quietly. Sometimes they are the perfect place to go to when we want to be alone, or perhaps when we need time to think. In such moments(4), books are the perfect companions - not a TV and certainly not a computer. Books are silent and respectful(5) and their weight and even their smell can be comforting. Even though we are all attached to(6) e-books, most of us still have many real books in different parts of the house. Why not put them all in one place, and make that place special, cozy, and quiet. It would be a place to enjoy a new book, or an old favorite. 

1. 'Outdated' is a funny combination of two words which together mean 'old fashioned' or 'no longer fashionable'.

a. Our house is so outdated; it's not historic, nor is it modern. It's just out of fashion.

b. Some people thinkt that curtains are outdated, but I think they are an important part of decor.

2. 'It could be argued' is like saying 'you could say' or 'the point could be made that...'

a. He is the laziest music student, but one could argue that he's the most talented.

b. The building is impressive, you could say that it is over-the-top.

3. 'To whisper' is one of my favorite verbs; it just means to talk very, very quietly. I like it because it sounds like its meaning.

a. Grandma is asleep; you should whisper.

b. The library rule is that everyone whispers.

4. 'In such moments' is like saying 'at times like these', or 'on these occasions'.

a. National holidays can bring us together. On these occasions we can enjoy being with family and friends.

b. Being stuck in an airport is no fun. At times like these it's really handy to have an iPhone.

5. 'Respectful' has a meaning that is easy to imagine: full of respect. It only has one meaning.

a. He is very respectful; he always listens carefully to whatever anyone says.

b. I wish they would be more respectful in this public area.

6. 'To be attached to' is an interesting expression which means that a person likes something very much. You can visualize the meaning of being connected to the thing you like.

a. I know my car is really old, but I'm very attached to it.

b. My neighbor is so attached to her five cats that she takes them everywhere, even to her doctor's apppointments!

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