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Oct 30, 2008

Hey Mom, technology is amazing!


The other day when I picked my children up from school, my oldest boys handed me their school pictures. Once a year, as in most schools, the children have their photographs taken. It adds some importance to the day, as most children want to look their best. They will choose...

Oct 29, 2008

The upcoming elections.


With the upcoming elections just around the corner, the United States is abuzz with discussions, arguments, accusations, and predictions. I think that it is actually a good thing. Whenever people get together and air their opinions in a civilized manner, a lot can be accomplished. Many...

Oct 28, 2008

One of the ways in which my family and I relax during the evening is watching movies. It is more an occasional treat than a daily activity. Life in a big family is very busy, and often there is very little time to sit down, let alone to watch a film. But when we do, we love to snuggle up together after a good meal...

Oct 23, 2008

Don't step on my shadow.


Have you ever noticed just how bright the sun can be in Autumn. The angle of the sun, or perhaps its proximity to the earth, seems to make the sunlight intense, in a way that is different from Summer. As we were walking home today from the mailbox, my son, Robert, said, "Don't step on...

Oct 21, 2008

What a scruffy puppy!


Rosie is the name of a member of our family. She is a female who does not quite reflect the beauty of her name. She is scruffy, hyper-active, and demanding. Yes, you've guessed; she is our dog. A boarder terrier is the name of her breed. They are highly intelligent dogs used for 'ratting',...