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Dec 16, 2013

Peter: Are you going home for the holidays?

Liz: Yes I am. We're going to have a big, family get-together. It'll be fun, but there's loads to do. I think my mother is already stressed.

Peter: Stressed? Why get stressed at such a fun time of year?

Liz: She doesn't choose to get stressed. It's just what often happens. She...

Dec 6, 2013

A few weeks ago, I went to pick up my son from High School. Usually I park away from the heavy traffic, on the right side of the parking lot, and he meets me there. I usually sit waiting for a few minutes, and catch up with(1) my emails while I wait. This particular day though, I suddenly heard the back of the car open,...

Dec 2, 2013

'Luminous', 'glowing', 'radiating' are the words which came to my mind(1) after reading an article about a very special, new technology. It's called 'Starpath', an earth-friendly(2), inexpensive, and efficient way to light our streets. A company in England called Pro-Teq Surfacing, has developed a material made out of...

Nov 12, 2013

Brian: "What are all these boxes doing out in the hall?"

Liz: "I decided that it was finally time for me to get organized?"

Brian: "You? Organized?"

Liz: "I'm not that bad, am I?"

Brian: "Well, I don't know anyone else who loses her keys everyday, or her phone, or her bag."

Liz: "That's called being normal."


Nov 4, 2013

Recently, when I was substitute teaching in a local school, I came across a very unusual creature. It was an Austrian leaf bug. It was in the elementary classroom, along with(1) other animals such as a corn snake, a hampster, and an old display of tarantulas, moths, and beetles. This particular(2) insect didn't catch...