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Feb 21, 2013

Throw it, chuck it(1), give it away!

All of this furniture can't possibly stay!

Every room, cupboard, and closet is filled to the brim(2),

But most of this stuff should be thrown in the bin!(3)

So off to(4) the dump with these old, broken possessions,

Chairs, tables, and computers that long ago were in fashion. 

Just look at this old sofa; it's seen better days,(5)

Why do you think that keeping it pays?(6)

The mattress, pillows, and table are on their last legs,(7)

They're covered in stains, holes, scribbles, and bacon and eggs!(8)

The kids have used them as a castle, a playground, and even a hobbit's hole,

But to throw them all away is definitely my goal.

So, give away want you want, and don't forget to recycle,

Take our ornaments, broken kitchen appliances, records, toys, and bicycle.

The dump is a glorious place, with an unforgettable smell,

It's there we get rid of our trash, and feel free, and clean, and well.

At first sight it's quite scary, deep, and dark, with mold, dust, sticky stuff, and fungus,(9)

But be brave, chuck that ancient computer in there, and come and join us.

We'll celebrate our clean houses and new lives with martinis one, two and three,

And promise to never again spend too much on junk, now that's the key!(10)

1. 'To chuck' is the same as 'to throw away' or 'to get rid of'. It's mainly used in England.

a. Chuck those old papers in the fire, would you please?

2. 'Filled to the brim' we have seen before. It means to be completely full, up to the very top.

a. He filled my wine glass to the brim.

3. 'Bin' is another word for 'the garbage can' or 'the trash can'.

a. Oh dear, I think I threw ten dollars in the bin!

4. 'Off to' is like saying 'go to' or 'let's go to'.

a. Off to the swimming pool! Let's go!

5. 'To have seen better days' means that something or someone is very old and in bad shape.

a. My television has seen better days; it huge, black and white, and only three channels work.

6. 'Something pays' means that something is worth it or worthwhile.

a. It pays to study a little everyday instead of once a week.

7. 'To be on your last legs' can apply to people, animals, or objects. It is just like 'to have seen better days' in meaning.

a. That car is on it's last legs; it will break down any day!

8. 'Scribble' is a messy piece of writing or drawing that children do on paper, and sometimes where they shouldn't do it, like furniture, or on the walls.

a. My son scribbled all over our new table with a permanent pen.

9. 'Fungus' is a growth similar to a mushroom. We generally think of fungus growing on old food, or damp materials.

a. I opened the closet and found fungus growing on the wall.

10. 'That's the key!' is a set phrase that means, 'that is the solution', 'that is the answer'.

a. Prepare yourself for your classes if you want to be successful; that's the key!

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