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Feb 25, 2010

My family has adopted a new, night time routine on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It's one that is an obsession in this country. We watch American Idol. You have probably heard about it. It is a reality television show which is based around a competition to find the next, big singing star. It was created by Simon Cowell, a British music executive producer, who started a similar reality series in England called Pop Idol. The American version has now become one of the most viewed series ever in this country. It is quite addicting to watch because, as a viewer, you become a judge, and even have some say in who eventually wins. In the first few weeks, a panel of judges travels to several major(our) cities and views large numbers of people who have signed up for the competition. There is a vote taken after each performance, which drastically reduces the number of singers that can go into the next round. This continues until there are about 25 people left. Then, after each performance, the public votes, either by phone or text. The program(me) is quite funny in the beginning weeks, as lots of people who actually can't sing do try out. The responses of judges add to the humor(our). However, the last few weeks become quite emotional as the pressure increases and more and more people get voted off. The series gives the viewers a look into the lives of the contestants, their hopes and their struggles, so we become emotionally involved with them as individuals. Opinions fly around the house as to who should win and who shouldn't. You can guarantee that we will be glued to the television a couple of times a week for the next few weeks, until a winner is chosen.

Grammar notes.

Related vocabulary: reality tv, viewer, a panel of judges, a round.

1. One of the trends in television is reality tv.

2. Apparently, this program has millions of daily viewers.

3. The panel of judges gave the ice skater a low mark.

4. Let's play another round of golf.  OR  Buy us a round of beers, would you?  OR The boxer was knocked out in the third round.