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Feb 28, 2013

Science education has taken new life(1) with the opening, six months ago, of the Mobius Science Center in Spokane, Washington. A $14 million fund put the new Science Center into operation. It is operating along with(2) the Mobius Children's Museum which has been open for seven years. The museum, aimed at children up to 8 years old(3), has been a very successful part of downtown Spokane. The demands for better-informed(4) and trained people in science have led to support for both centers. The Mobius Science Center has 26,000 square feet of exhibition space. There are 65 hands-on(5), interactive science and technology exhibits, plus educational programs. Here, young people can experience the worlds of Robotics, Flight, Space, Optics, Earth Science, Math and many more. It's a lively place that curious minds of all ages(6) will love.

1. 'Science education has taken new life....' this is an unusual sentence, though we can understand the meaning. Another phrase that talks about new life is the following: 'New life has been breathed into...(science, business, the district, education etc). We talk of new life being 'breathed into' something.

a. The project has breathed new life into the city.

b. The updated curriculum has breathed new life into my class.

2. 'Along with..' is like saying 'as well as' or 'side by side'. The meaning here is that the Children's Museum and the Science Center are two parts of the same project.

a. The water park, along with the golf course, are open to the public 6 days a week.

b. School children, along with other people from the neighborhood, planted trees in the park. 

3. 'Up to 8 years old' here 'up to' is showing the limit, or maximum age of those served in the museum.

 We also use 'over' to show the minimum and above.

a. This film is for eighteen year olds and over. 

b. The class is for children up to the age of 12.

4. 'Better' can be attached to many adjectives with a hyphon.

a. We need better-equipped police on the streets.

b. We need better-educated teachers in the schools.

c. I wish the teenagers were better-behaved.

5. 'Hands-on' is a very popular expression. It means that a person can physically touch, play with, and experiment with something.

a.  It will be a hands-on experience for the kids.

b.  It will be a hands-on job, action, not just talk.

6. '....of all ages' is also a common expression when mentioning people of many ages who have a certain hobby or preference.

a. Sweet lovers of all ages will adore this new chocolate shop.

b. Children of all ages will appreciate this book.

c. Dance fanatics of all ages can use this new dance video.

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