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Sep 28, 2017

I have recently updated my app. Some of you will be thinking, "Thank Goodness!" It was overdue (1), to say the least. Some people think that I'm quite 'techie'(2) because I have an app for smart phones and iPads, but I'm not at all. I simply supply the material, and someone else puts the app together. In fact, I wasn't even aware that an app producer needs to update the product. So how did I realize that this needed to happen? The answer is that my own app on my phone wouldn't work. "What on earth is the problem?" was my response. I would push the display button to be led only to a dark screen where my podcasts were barely visible. Well, problem solved! Frustration over! I submitted some new artwork of different dimensions, and the experts and software took care of everything else (3). So I am now pleased to be able to say that my own app works on my phone, and therefore on everyone else's. If you open the app and start to listen to a podcast, you will see five small, blue symbols below the large play button. The second one from the right gives you access to the photo and the pdf. There is also a share button, and a star to keep a favorite. However, there is still one tweak that needs to be made, and that is the button that connects to my website. It looks like it isn't connected. The great thing is that I can send an email about that, and a couple of days later, it will be fixed. How I love this technology!

1. 'Overdue' means that something should have happened already. We use this word a lot in libraries, when a book should have been returned earlier. It's like saying 'late'.

a. I received a letter from the local library that my books and magazines are very overdue.

b. My baby is overdue; I was due to have her last week!

c. The train is an hour overdue!

2. 'Techie' is a modern noun that is short for ' a technological enthusiast'. It can describe anything, including people. Note that when a person is described, it can be used as an adjective or a noun, though formally it is known as a noun.

a. He is such a techie. He designed a website when he was 12, and a video game when he was 14!

b. That group of students is very techie.

3. 'To take care of everything (else)'. We use 'to take care' all the time in English, and in many ways.

a. It was lovely to see you again. Goodbye, take care!

b. It'll take you perhaps 20 minutes to drive to the concert. Take care on that road!

c. The wedding planners took care of all the details; they did such a good job!

d. I take care of my grandma because she is so special to me.

Click the image to visit the app!