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Sep 9, 2013

Samantha: Hello Liz!

Liz: Hi Samantha! How are you?

Samantha: Really well thanks. I'm calling because I have a question.

Liz: Oh, go ahead.

Samantha: Do you want to join us for the protest tomorrow?

Liz: What protest?

Samantha: Haven't you heard? The teachers' salaries are going to be cut by 30%, and the cost of tuition is going up.

Liz: Oh my gosh! No, I hadn't heard. When will the changes take effect?

Samantha: In a month. So, tomorrow, at noon, the teachers and some students are going to walk from the university to the governor's building in protest. We've got some banners to carry; it'll only take about two hours.

Liz: There won't be any trouble, will there?

Samantha: Oh of course not; it'll be totally peaceful. Nobody wants to cause any trouble. But something has to be said about the cuts, those poor teachers!

Liz: I agree. And students can't afford another rise in tuition. That's crazy! Well, count me in. I will definitely be there.

Samantha: Excellent. We'll meet  at the fountain just before noon. I'll see you there!

Liz: Ok, thanks for letting me know. I'll see you at the fountain.


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almost eleven years ago

Thanks a lot.