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Feb 11, 2016

Liz gets pulled over for speeding by a policeman.

Liz: Hello Officer. What seems to be the problem?

Officer: Well, Miss, you were going eleven miles per hour over the speed limit. Can I see your driver's license please?

Liz: Yes, of course. Here it is.

Officer: Also, I need to see your car insurance card.

Liz:Ok, let me find it. I think that its mixed in with all of my papers. Ah yes, here it is. Gosh, I didn't realize that I was going so fast; I must have been distracted by the music on the radio....

Officer: Please stay in your car. I need to go back to mine to radio-in this information.

Liz: Ok Officer.

Officer: Well, it looks like you have a clean record, no outstanding fines. I will, however, have to give you a ticket for speeding. This is a fast highway, and speeding makes it more dangerous.

Liz: $70? Wow. This will teach me not to get distracted.

Officer: That's the one good thing about fines, they make you think. And if we think, then we become safer drivers.

Liz: That makes sense. I've  certainly learned my lesson today. Have a good day Officer.

Officer: You too, Miss.

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