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Feb 16, 2017

Liz: Hi Mum.

Mother: Hello darling, how are you?

Liz: Fine thanks, and you?

Mother: Oh, really well thanks. How is your class selection going?

Liz: Fine. I met with my school counselor, and he showed me which classes I have to complete by the end of the year, and which ones I can choose as electives.

Mother: Anything interesting?

(1)Liz: Well, yes. Even though I'm in a psychology program, I can still take an elective or two. (2)History of art really appeals to me; it might even help with my major.

Mother: Yes, it'll help you understand how thoughts and attitudes have developed in society. It'll also give you a break from so much heavy thinking! I would certainly do it. You'll probably learn a lot more from it than you realize.

Liz: Yes, that's how I feel about it too. I still have a week to make my final choices. I'll let you know once I've made them.

 1a. Subject 'he' + 'a business man', + verb 'to continue' + with his hobbies.

b. Subject 'they' + past + science, + time to paint.

2.  'Nursing', 'family's medical problems.

b. 'Traveling' + 'them', 'their Youtube channel'.