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Aug 22, 2013

Those of you who have followed my podcasts for a few years, will know that (1) I love trees. One of my dreams is to have a tree farm. Another, more ambitious dream, is to take back (2)deserts by planting heat tolerant trees. At the moment, I can't do any of that, but instead, I spend time in my large garden. I have plans this autumn to (3) plant quite a few trees to create a mini forest, a place of shade and comfort. One tree that I learned about this summer is the Mimosa. It is actually called the Persian Silk Tree, though it originates from China. It has a beautiful, round shape, with many thin leaves, and huge pink flowers that look like collections of feathers. It's also associated with sleep. It's Persian modern name is 'shabkhosh' which means 'sleeping tree', and in Japan its name is 'nemunoki' which means the same. Its leaves slowly close each night and bow down, and that is why it is associated with sleep. I came across this tree at a wedding. The event took place in a large, back garden which had been decorated with lots of pots of flowers. As I looked around and observed all the decorations, I found the Mimosa tree. It took my breath away (4). It looked as if it had been planted deliberately (5) for the wedding because of all the soft, pretty flowers. A lady there told me that she was surprised to see a Mimosa in Wenatchee. She grew up in New York where they are quite common. But here, they are very rare, in fact, that is probably the only one in the whole town. One place in the U.S where you find them a lot is Florida. They are classed (6) as 'invasive', just like a weed. In that state, many methods are used to get rid of them. Well, I wouldn't want to do that. In fact, Mimosa is at the top of my list of trees that I want to buy.

1. The use of 'will' in the first sentence is to be noted. It could be missed out. Both are correct.

a. Those people who have listened to his songs for thirty years, (will) know that he sings alot about his childhood. 

b. Those of us who have skied for years, (will) have issues with our knees.

* There is a very slight difference between using 'will' in these sentences, and not using it. The word 'will' shows hypothesis, suggestion, not a definite conclusion. If you do not use 'will', the feeling is that you are sure about the experience of the subjects 'those of us', 'those people' etc.

2. 'To take back' has several meanings. Here, I'm using it in the sense of 'to reclaim'.

a. They took back the wasteland by introducing water, and planting crops.

b. They took back the land that had been stolen from them.

3. 'To have plans to ...'

a. We have plans to paint the house next month.

b. She has plans to move next year.

c. The government has plans to boost the economy by lowering taxes.

* Note that we usually use the word 'plans' and not 'a plan'. 

4. 'It took my breath away' shows surprise and admiration.

a. She was so beautiful that she took my breath away.

b. The building was so impressive that it took my breath away.

5. 'Deliberately' can replace 'on purpose'.

a. He left his muddy boots on the carpet deliberately. / He deliberately left his muddy boots on the carpet.

b. They interrupted the film by deliberately make noise. / They deliberately interrupted the film by making noise.


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ten and a half years ago

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webpage, this blog is really awesome.

almost eleven years ago

You wrote " It' s Persian modern name ...", but I think it should be " Its Persian........". Sometimes I see that but I don't know if it is a print mistake by a quick writing or It is my mistake.
I like very much your podcast and I follow it for years. Thank you for the pleasure of listening to that.

almost eleven years ago

In China, the mimosa tree is a symbol of the happy couple.