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Dec 20, 2019

Well, here are the grammar points for the podcast about me resisting the temptation to buy a cat. 

1. To drag your feet. 

This gives a great visual of being unenthusiastic about doing something, taking a long time to do it.

a. I'm dragging my feet to paint the house; it'll be such a big job!

b. He's dragging his feet about studying for his finals. I'm afraid he's going to run out of time!

2. Fair enough.

This means, "Ok, that's reasonable," or "Ok, I agree." It can also mean that you have been almost convinced by someone's argument but not 100%. Perhaps someone is insisting on something and you agree just to keep the peace, or with some conditions.

a. "I'll do your homework if you wash my car."

Answer: "Fair enough."

b. "I don't think its right for me to make dinner and clean up every night after work. Why don't you do it a few nights a week?"

Answer: "Fair enough."

c. If you're making the rules around here, fair enough, but you'll be responsible for making sure they are followed.

3. To take up the slack.

This means to complete what others have not finished, or to carry some responsibility for someone.

a. One of our group didn't do any work, so the rest of us had to take up the slack to finish the project.

b. As dad has broken his leg, you kids will have to take up the slack by helping around the house.

c. After she had twins, her husband took up the slack by cooking dinner every night and cleaning the kitchen.

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