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Jun 14, 2011

I have an excuse for not updating my podcast for a few days, honestly....I dove into a renovation project in my house. It's something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but something always seems to come up*, so the project gets put off. The powder room on the first floor of the house has had a face-lift. It was a sweet, little, room, but really quite out of date. Getting involved in this kind of project is tempting, but also dangerous. What you plan on taking a few days to do, can easily spread out to a week or two. And, wouldn't you know, that once I bought the paint, and made a mental note of my great plan, I suddenly needed to do other things. My daughter had to go to the hospital for an exploratory examination. Thankfully, that turned out fine, but it took the best part of the day, and all of my energy. Then, the car had to be taken in to be looked at because its front end has been making a sort of whining, yawning noise. So, that was another two hours spent in a waiting room. And with dropping kids off, picking them up, taking them to practices, meals, laundry etc etc, it began to seem as if I would never get my project even started, let alone* finished. But, Tuesday's are my glory days: all the kids are at school. So, I did as much as I could this Tuesday. I tore off the wallpaper, turned off the water and took out the sink. I peeled off the old counter top. I turned off the main electric breaker to the house, and took off the light. And finally, I took off the wooden trim from around the door. Then, when I finished all of that, I realized how much my back ached. So, a cup of tea to the rescue; that soothes most aches and pains. Then I stood back and planned the painting part of it. I had chosen a cappuccino color for the walls, but they had to be prepped first. That is short for prepared. I had to buy and apply a couple of cans of stuff called 'spackle' which, when you spray it on the walls, creates an orange peel texture which helps to disguise imperfections. This was very strong smelling, so I would hold my breath, spray for a minute or so, and then run outside and breathe. Phew! I was glad when that part was over. Then, I painted three coats on the walls, sanded the vanity*, and painted it with four coats of black paint. Finally, the hardest part is over. I am very pleased with the result. My husband has to help me put on the new, one piece counter top and sink, as it weighs 97 lbs. Then, we will choose a light fixture, and that should be about it*. Well done Anna. The update to the house was a pleasant, creative diversion.

Grammar notes.

Expressions: something comes up, that's it, the vanity, let alone.

1. When I'm busy, something else always seems to come up.

OR "I know your dog has been missing for a few days, but don't worry. I'm sure something will come up."

2. All you have to do to the cake is put the frosting on, the candles, and the sprinkles; and that's it!

3. I don't know why they call the vanity by its name. Perhaps it's because often people will look in the mirror while they wash their hands, and that might be considered vain.

4. I'm sure the hotel will be very expensive, what with room service, parking the car, and let alone the price of the room.