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Sep 28, 2009


We are continuing with our series 'The Tour of Homes', highlighting all the everyday details of life at home. You are probably thinking, "When is she going to be finished with the kitchen?" I think this is the last kitchen episode, at least for now. You also are probably thinking, "We have already heard about drawers in the kitchen." Yes, you are right. However, the phrase 'The kitchen drawer', is actually quite famous. It has become an expression in English speaking nations. The reason is this: there is usually a drawer in any kitchen where junk of all sorts is found. The drawer starts out empty, or, at least quite organized, with just a few things in it. But, as time goes on, more and more bits and pieces appear in it. It is almost a mystery how things get there. When I am busy in the kitchen, and I find things that don't belong there, I automatically put them in the kitchen drawer. Small toys that my children leave in the kitchen, receipts from work, coupons, spare keys, all these things can be found in there and more. One of the books that I have that helps people get organized, talks about the kitchen drawer. It says that every now and then, that spot of the kitchen needs to be examined and organized. Most things inside it need to be thrown away, and the things that are left should be put in groups so they are easy to find. In superstores, you can even find 'kitchen drawer organizers'. It's part of the culture now.

Grammar notes.

Common expressions: bits and pieces, all sorts of/ all kinds of, every now and then.


My handbag is full of bits and pieces. I don't know if any of these things are worth keeping.

The bakery had all sorts of miniature tarts! OR The bakery had all kinds of miniature tarts!

Every now and then my friend will come and visit, and we will talk about our college days.


Oh my, when I decided to write about the kitchen drawer, I cringed inside. I knew that I had to take a photo of mine, and I had the feeling that it would be bad. It was worse than I expected. The only reason I have opened it recently, is to chuck in a few more unwanted items. It has certainly been neglected. When I walk around Walmart, a large superstore that is very close to my house, I feel a little guilty when I walk past the shelf of drawer organizers. You know what they look like: rectangular wooden or plastic inserts that have different compartments for all the different sized objects. Maybe one day I will buy one. Some of the things we have in the kitchen drawer are important, or at least, useful, so they are worth keeping in there. It's just difficult to throw things away sometimes. Don't you find that when you do, a few days later, you need what you just threw away? Am I making excuses? Perhaps I could have a goal of spending five minutes a week sorting out the drawer. Let me have a quick look and see what has accumulated: pencils, tape measures, hair bands, bits of shells, a plastic Pez candy container, some screws, some keys, and a variety of coupons and books. Hmm, that's not too bad. I suppose I could put the coupons together in a zip-lock bag. I could also have the stationary and pens, pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners in one area for easy access. And then the keys; throw away the ones we don't use, and hang up the important ones somewhere safe. There, that looks much better. The process wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. The kitchen drawer looks much better now. Next time I won't leave it as long.

Grammar notes.

Vocabulary: to cringe, to chuck/ throw, an insert, a zip-lock bag.  And practice of the future tense.


I cringe when I think of singing in front of the school.

Chuck all of the garbage away! I'm tired of seeing it.

I need to buy inserts for my shoes to make them more comfortable.

I put the kids' sandwiches in zip-lock bags to keep them fresh.


Will you be coming to dinner tonight?

He won't enjoy the ballet. It's not the sort of thing he likes.

We will order pizza tonight, but tomorrow I will make roast beef.

The furniture will arrive in three days, so I'm going to get the room ready.

We're going to buy the  house and fix it up. Then we will sell it.

Isn't he going to call you?