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May 13, 2016

May in Wenatchee is the month when Apple Blossom is held. It's an annual festival that starts with a parade. There is also a food fair, a classic car show, and a medieval fair. A spin-off (1)of all these activities, is a 3 on 3 basketball competition at the local college. Students of all ages compete in teams of only three people, so the games are intense and exhausting. You're never really sure what the weather will be like in May either; sometimes it's windy and cool, but other times it's quite the opposite(2). This year, it was very hot indeed. I watched some of the games, and felt quite sorry for the players. As the day went on, I moved from one patch of(3) shade to another, trying to keep cool. There was lots of huffing and puffing, gasping, and calling out like, "Here, I'm open, pass, pass!" The crowds were kept happy with a DJ and food and drinks. Watching the athletes made me feel quite lazy, as I was perfectly relaxed, but they were fighting hard to win. Most of the young people who were participating have dreams of playing on the High School or college team. Many of them dedicate years to playing basketball, playing on both school and local teams. Perhaps that sort of occasion is a stepping stone for them; another stretch, another effort, and they might get closer to their goal.

1. 'A spin-off' is like a result of a process or event.

a. A spin-off of the Apple Blossom parade is the 3 on 3 basketball.

b. A spin-off from recycling is sometimes profitable business.

2. 'Quite the opposite' is a more definite way of saying 'the opposite'; it just adds a bit more character and confidence.

a. The evening was calm and relaxing; however, my first class in the morning was quite the opposite.

b. Her words seemed gentle and kind, but later her actions were quite the opposite. 

3. 'A patch' is used in many ways. It can be a section of material used to repair a piece of clothing. It can also be an area of grass, shade, light, or a figurative way of saying an approximate project.

a. I didn't repair the wall properly, I just patched it quickly.

b. We found a patch of grass under a tree in the shade, and we sat down and slept.