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May 3, 2013

Peter: Hi Liz, I see your cast is off.

Liz: Yes, finally! Life is so much easier without one.

Peter: You had some bad luck breaking your arm.

Liz: Yes I had two lots of bad luck: breaking my arm and losing my job.

Peter: Wait a minute. You lost your job?

Liz: Yes, well not exactly. I quit.

Peter: Because of the lady you were working with.

Liz: Yep. I told the boss that I was doing my work, and most of hers.

Peter: And what did she say?

Liz: She told me that the woman denied it. What could I do? I hate confrontation, and I don't like complaining, but I couldn't take it any more.

Peter: That's too bad.

Liz: Well, never mind. I'll take some time off before looking for another job. My parents are going to visit soon, so I'll job hunt after they leave.

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Gary chou
almost eleven years ago

I highly appreciate the teaching you share~THANK You
Best regard,Gary