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Aug 1, 2013

Liz: Come on you two, we need to get going.

Mother: I thought we didn't have to leave for another half hour.

Liz: We don't really. I want us to have extra time though, just in case there is a traffic problem.

Father: Good idea Liz. There's nothing worse than rushing to an airport. It's such a hassle!

Liz: Well, is this  all your luggage? Tickets? Handbags? Let me help you.

Mother: How about you lock the door and Henry will press the button for the elevator?

Liz: Ok.

Mother: I can't believe that we're leaving already. 

Father: Yes, the time has really flown. Great, there's the taxi; come on.

Liz: Mum, are you sure you have your passports? I have a feeling that we're missing something.

Mother: Yes darling, they're right......oh, hang on....they were here. Gosh,I must have left them in the bedrooom!

Liz: Oh great! Tell the taxi to wait. I'll run back up and get them. It's a good job we have some extra time!


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