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Nov 30, 2015

"Wake up! Look at the frosty morning!" I said to my children on Monday. I knew that they wouldn't want to get out of bed; after all, it was a school day. But something about the beginning of winter makes the morning more interesting for them. I opened the curtains in the rooms of my two youngest, who normally moan and complain when they have to get up. "Wow, look at all the crunchy frost," my daughter said. She was right. As we looked out on the back garden, there seemed to be a sheet of sparkling powdered glass laying on everything. It twinkled(1) in the morning light. "I'll make some hot chocolate," I said, still trying to coax(2) them into coming downstairs. I had their winter clothes laid out on the lounge floor:coats, boots, gloves, hats, and scarves. While they ate their porridge, I spoke to my oldest sons. "Now, its best to leave early, so you don't have to hurry. Keep your distance when you drive because its icy." They both nodded in agreement, and gave me that look, the look that says, "Mum, I already know all of that. I'm a teenager, remember?" As I went outside to warm up the car, I noticed a neighbor was scraping the ice off of her windshield(3). Another neighbor was sprinkling ice melter on his path. I realized that winter has arrived, and we need to prepare ourselves in order to live comfortably with the cold. Just then, I got a text from my husband, "Remember to get the snow tires put on your car" it read. Yes, it was another thing to add to my list of preparations for winter. Here are some more things to add to it:

Flu shots for everyone.

Chop wood for the fire.

Buy vitamin C and Zinc.

Ingredients for soups and stews.

Put fuel in the snow blower, and get the snow shovels out of the shed.

Each day I try to check off one or two things from the list so we will be ready for the chilly season. Nobody likes to be unprepared, especially when it is so cold.

1. 'To twinkle' is a verb that refers to an intermittent shining of light. We associate the verb with Christmas lights, frost, stars, and other kinds of light.

a. It was a very clear night. There was a full moon, and the stars were twinkling.

b. Look at those twinkling lights on the trees. They are so pretty!

2. 'To coax someone into...' this phrase is similar in meaning to 'to persuade someone to do something'.

a. I coaxed my dog into going to the vet by giving him pieces of bacon.

b. I coaxed my husband into going to see a ballet with me by promising that I would go hunting with him. 

3. 'Windshield' is the main front window of a car. It shields/ protects you from the wind. 

a. My windshield cracked when a big truck went past me and threw up some stones.

b. You might prefer a motorbike with a windshield if you are traveling far.

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