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Jul 11, 2013

"It's the best place in Wenatchee," I said to my husband, as I described the new Pybus Market. This all-year-round(1) shopping center and farmer's market is the latest addition(2) to Wenatchee. It is a real step forward for this town which, up until now, hasn't had a substantial farmer's market. Also, because our climate has very cold, snowy winters, and very hot summers, we need a place indoors where shoppers can find fresh produce and locally made goods. But it's not only about food. There is a certain amount of art in Pybus. Past the rows of fruit shops, cafes, and a bistro, is a side door that leads to a very different space. The first thing you see is a huge, unfinished clay(3) statue of Mr. Pybus, the English immigrant who built the steel(4) building that now houses this market. Beyond him, is a very hot and colorful corner of activity: glass blowing. It's the first I've ever seen in Wenatchee. There is a long, glass display cabinet full of large, ornaments of all colors of the rainbow. The craftsman sits at the end, goggles(5) on, holding a torch that has a white hot flame. He focuses totally on his art. He is melting a long stick of glass and shaping it into a flower. A small group of observers gather(6), and we all stand silently watching while he creates his art. When he finishes, he introduces himself and hands us some pamphlets, "We do glass blowing classes now down by the river," he says enthusiastically. Now that would be something unusual to try, fascinating, potentially dangerous, but also beautiful. I will return to Pybus, regularly I think, and perhaps eventually take a private class in that colorful craft.

1. 'All-year-round' is an adjectival phrase. Can you guess its meaning? Yes, it means 'all year long' or 'all year'.

a. They opened an all-year-round heated swimming pool.

b. The shop has all-year-round Christmas supplies.

2. 'The latest addition' is an efficient phrase that can be used in multiple ways.

a. That baby girl is the latest additon to their family.

b. The latest addition of the iPhone is now available in shops.

c. Do you have the latest addition of the monthly magazine?

3. 'Clay' is a super thick soil that can be used to make bricks and pottery.

a. Some bricks are made of clay mixed with straw.

b. He makes clay pots.

4. 'Steel' is a very strong metal alloy, made mainly from Iron.

a. The frame of the skyscraper is steel.

b. The film 'Man of Steel' is about Superman.

5. 'Goggles' are special glasses used in sports of all kinds. They usually have a rubber rim that has contact with the face.

a. Put your skiing goggles on so you can see when you come down the mountain.

b. These are the best swimming goggles I have ever bought.

6. 'To gather' means to collect.

a. We gathered the new flowers from the garden.

b. A crowd gathered outside the club.

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