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Oct 30, 2008

Hey Mom, technology is amazing!


The other day when I picked my children up from school, my oldest boys handed me their school pictures. Once a year, as in most schools, the children have their photographs taken. It adds some importance to the day, as most children want to look their best. They will choose their clothes the night before, as they wish to look especially smart. Well, their photos were a success, but something that Cass, my second son, said made me think, "Mom, technology is amazing! A friend of mine had a chicken pock in the middle of his forehead when they took his photo, but the photographer erased it with his computer!" Wow. Things really have changed since I was their age. We went on to have a discussion about technology in my youth, or, as they consider it, "in the olden days".... No, I didn't have a cell phone; neither did my parents. Our televisons were big and bulky, and we listened to music on the radio, or we played it on records. In fact, when the first Pac Man and Ping Pong computer games came out, every one was amazed. It is fascinating to see the speed with which technology is improving, and to think of what will be considered 'normal technology' by my children when they are my age.

Grammar notes.

Verbs: to pick up (someone) / to drop off (someone). To have a discussion doesnot mean to have an argument. To erase = to rub out. To consider something normal / abnormal.

Useful expressions: as (since, because); smart = elegant and also intelligent; the olden days = the old days (the dark ages jokingly).

With which expressions: The speed with which he runs; the colors with which he paints; the ease with which she sings etc. *Considered long-winded if used too often.


Do you have a cell phone or a computer? Do you have an iPod? All of these things can make life easier, as long as they work correctly. I love my iPod. I listen to French and Spanish programs to help me study the languages, and I also listen to different news programs. Most people also use their iPods to listen to their favorite music. Computers change every year, don't they? Other types of technology do also. Instead of getting lost while driving, you can use a program to help you find your way. When I was a child, their was very little technology available to buy; now, it is everywhere.