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Dec 30, 2008


In this part of the world, we need to heat our house for three quarters of the year: Winter, Spring, and Fall. Of course, now is the time of year when the freezing temperatures outside make us turn up the heat inside. It is so nice to get cozy, and there are so many different ways. Sometimes we light a fire, sometimes we put on woolly clothes, and other times we snuggle up together. The other day I walked into the kitchen where our puppy spends a lot of time. I found her lying on her bed with a best friend. Both of them were wrapped in a cozy blanket. They looked like two puppies, and the one I know best was asleep. It was a cute picture, so I took a photograph. After playing outside in the icy weather, you warm up and feel sleepy. Shh, don't wake up the puppies.

Grammar notes.

Useful expressions: a quarter, a half, three quarters; to turn up the heat; wool, cotton, silk, nylon, fleece (all common materials); to wrap (presents/ oneself in clothes).


What expressions do you have for cuteness? Every language that I have come across has words to express that idea. In England we use the words sweet, cute, dear, and I'm sure many others, regionally, that I am not aware of. Here, we say cute, precious, and darling. Well, we can all think of occasions when they are used. Winter time, for a few reasons, generates scenes of cuteness on a regular basis. Snow clothes bundling little children up can make them look cute. Christmas colors, decorations, and parties, can all show cuteness off to a full extent. One day recently, after the children had come in from playing in the snow, my daughter wrapped herself up in a blanket and laid down with her best friend, our puppy. As warmth was generated she quickly slipped into la-la land, and without realizing, created a wonderful photo opportunity. Most of the time they are both running around, making noise, and getting into mischief. But this occasion was a golden one. When dogs and children are quiet and still, it is a momentary gift.

Grammar notes.

Useful expressions: locally, regionally, nationally, internationally; to be aware of..; to generate; to a full extent; recently; la-la-land; a photo opportunity; mischief ( to get into/ to create).