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Dec 18, 2008


This morning was an ordinary morning. I woke the kids up. "Wakey, wakey," I said gently to them, as usual. I brought the two youngest their breakfast drink that they like to drink in bed. They are spoilt, I know. The oldest two get themselves up and ready. They make their lunches, get their backpacks, play a little with the dog, and then it's time to get in the car. Today was a bit different, though. The car didn't start. Uh-oh! What had happened? Maybe a light had been left on last night, so the battery had no power. Well, I found the battery charger, hooked it to the battery, and plugged it in. We waited, waited, and waited. Finally, there was enough power to go. I called the schools to say why we were late. No big deal! The kids had extra time to play and to watch Tom and Jerry. Sometimes plans must change.

Grammar notes.

Useful expressions: ordinary, gently, as usual, to spoil, to get ready, though, battery, to charge, to hook something onto something, to plug in.

Verbs: to wake (up) (wake, woke, woken); to bring (bring, brought, brought); to find (find, found, found).

To happen. Exs: What's happening? What happened? What had happened?


Sometimes mornings are quite smooth in our household, but at other times, there are surprises or 'bumps in the road'. This morning was one of the bumpy ones. Everything had started out normally: wake up the kids, get their breakfast, find their shoes and coats etc etc. The dog was on her best behavior, - no accidents anywhere, and no chewing things that shouldn't be chewed. Everyone was in a good mood as well, which is a great plus on a school day. We got in the car, as usual, I turned the key, as usual, and ...silence. Not even a click, click. Uh-oh, a flat battery. Well, that wasn't in my plan for this morning. Okay, what should I do? In the garage is a battery charger that you can plug into a socket. Perfect. I carefully, very carefully, hooked everything up, responsibly avoiding electrocution, and waited. Gosh, each time I tried to start the car I only got a happy little click, click, click. So, I called the schools to explain our delay. I did some laundry. I even did this podcast. The kids didn't mind hanging out at home a bit longer; they played with the dog and with the Wii. Well, finally, the battery was charged. We were saved. We had regained our connection to the world. Hurray! So, off to school with no excuses.

Grammar notes.

Words to remember: household, to be on one's best behavior, a flat battery, a charger, a socket, a plug, laundry, bumps in the road, a change of plans.

Verbs: What should I do? What should be done? What would you do in my situation.