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Apr 28, 2014

I have been in and out of the sporting goods store recently, as my children are all involved in sports. I had to get some soccer shoes for my daughter, and some shin pads(1), so we made another visit to the place. I don't particularly like to shop; I have to do it more than I would like to(2). My daughter, however, adores shopping. It's always a problem taking her to any clothes shop, as she sees many things that she loves and wants to have. I usually move around the shop as fast as I can, buy what I need, and leave, before she can fall in love with trousers, t-shirts, shoes, and hats. "What's the rush, mum?" she'll ask me. "I just have a lot to do at home, darling," will be my reply, as I drag(3) her out of the shop. When we went to get her shoes, though, I took my time, gazing(4) at the latest Nike soccer shoes. They were so attractive and impressive. Bright colors are in fashion now, on the soccer field, so I had to photograph a row of beautiful Nike shoes. The company has a knack for design; they've been in business since the '60's, and have grown to become a Fortune 500 company. Most highschoolers here in Wenatchee wear Nike everything to school; it gets expensive for the parents, but it's great for the shops that sell the clothes. Professional basketball, advertising, and music videos totally influence teenagers to buy Nike; it's a huge business. I must admit, that the clothes are good quality, and last quite a while. My oldest son, thankfully, is beginning to experiment with other clothes, less well-known brands, and is enjoying being more of an individual in the way he dresses. Thankfully that stage is over, but I can understand why teenagers find it hard to give up their Nike addiction.

1. 'Shin pads' are pads that protect the front part of your leg, in between your ankle and your knee. Your shin is a thin bone that can easily get kicked in soccer.

a. He had bruises all over his shin after the soccer match.

b. My shins really hurt; I think I've been running too hard.

2. 'I have to do it more than I would like to'. This sentence is in the grammar notes because of its ending. It is actually short for 'I have to do it more than I would like to do it.' We do not want to sound repetitive, so we miss off the 'do it'. It is also common to miss off the final 'to' of the verb.

a. I have to work more than I would like (to).

b. She has to clean more than she would like (to).

c. They have to study more than they would like (to).

3. 'To drag' is a verb that is similar to 'to pull' in meaning. However, it implies that the object being pulled is on the floor, and it is either heavy or unwilling to be pulled.

a. I had to drag the heavy bag of tools to the garage.

b. I had to drag the dog away from the neighbor's cat.

4. 'To gaze' is similar to 'to stare'. You gaze at something when it is beautiful or fascinating; it isn't a quick look. It's as if you cannot stop looking at it.

a. We gazed at the sculpture for at least 20 minutes.

b. The children gazed at the fireworks with their mouths open.

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