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May 29, 2014

For the past five weeks, I've been working on a very exciting project. It is something that I've wanted to do for years and years, but have not got around to doing it.(1) I have written my first ebook. It's called 'The Golden Whisper', and is free for one month at The book is for older children or young adults, and is a silly, funny story about a substitute teacher who gets involved in an adventure when she goes to work at a certain school. The story actually came to me(2) when I was substitute teaching in a local elementary school here in Wenatchee. The language level is perfect for English language learners, as it is not too complicated. The process of writing the book, formatting it for online reading, and finding an artist for the front cover, was long and exhausting. However, I'm so happy that it's finished and available to anyone. My family was surprised when I told them about it. My husband said, "That explains why you haven't been doing much housework recently." Yes, the laundry has certainly been piling up.(3) Well, the laundry can wait. This was more important. I hope that if you find the time to download it and read it (it's quite short) that you can do me the favor of leaving a comment on I love hearing from my listeners, but it would also be great to hear from you as my reading audience. 

1. 'To get around to doing something' means to eventually find the motivation or opportunity to do something.

a. I'll get around to paying the bills this afternoon.

b. I did get around to washing the car when everyone left.

2. 'The story came to me' we use the verb 'to come' + 'to' + a person, referring to an idea or inspiration of some kind being received, as if it had approached that person.

a. The idea of building a holiday cottage came to me when I was on the beach.

b. The story came to me while I was on the train.

3. 'To pile up' is to place layer after layer of items in one area. We often talk about unpleasant things piling up.

a. The bills are piling up; it's so depressing.

b. The dirty dishes have piled up; someone needs to do the washing up!


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nine and a half years ago

This is a humbled feedback.
I'm profiting of your podcast in a regular basis. Your reading, grammatical notes and pieces of advice are very useful to me. Thank you for your teaching. I have just downloaded your ebook. When I read it I`ll give you my feedback too.