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Jan 1, 2020


New Year's Eve and New Year’s Day are the biggest times of celebration in the United States. New Year’s Eve iin particular is a time of parties, fireworks, and getting together.The 31st of December is the last day in the Gregorian calendar, and so it is considered the last day of the year in most non-Asian countries. Most people will get together in houses, restaurants, or public places to enjoy food, drink, and perhaps dancing.

When you think of The New Year's celebration in the United States you think of Times Square in New York city. Each year tens of thousands of people crowd into the square to listen to live music and to watch celebrations in other parts of the country on large screens. Often famous television presenters or comedians host the show, adding details and memories of the past year. The Times Square celebration is famous for the large illuminated ball that drops to the count of 10, as everyone counts down the last 10 seconds of December 31st. At this point everybody hugs each other and says, “Happy New Year!”

Television watching is very popular on the night of New Year’s Eve as there are special musical shows on most channels. One popular activity is to watch the last few moments of the year, and the beginning of the New Year around the world, usually starting in places like New Zealand. Fireworks are often a big part of many national New Year’s celebrations, and we are lucky enough to see one after another on television.

Another way that some people choose to ‘bring in’ the new year is by going to church. Some Christian churches will remain open so members or visitors can spend time in contemplation and prayer. This is sometimes called Watchnight, and is a tradition that dates back to 18th century.

Once January 1st has arrived, often people will make New Year’s resolutions which are decisions and plans for changed behavior. The question we often ask ourselves is, “How can I be happier and healthier this year?”The most common resolutions are: to lose weight, and to stop smoking. Some people, however, decide to help others, perhaps by getting involved in a charity or two. Of course, you can do both: improve yourself, and make the world a better place. The end of the year it seems, whether you are in the middle of Times Square, sitting in a church, or in your own home, is a great time for contemplation!