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Jun 14, 2010

Something has been happening recently that pleases me a lot. My newly planted roses have been flowering. For some reason I didn't expect them to make such a show this year, with them being new. My entryway project has continued, and I ended up planting two scented roses right next to a row of lavender. My idea was to get a mixture of sweet smells and color altogether. I wasn't a rose fanatic when I was younger, but I am quickly becoming one. It's the smelly ones that I love, and by that I mean, of course, the ones that smell wonderful. I look forward to the day when my floribunda roses have grown substantially, and fill the area with perfume. Having horses across the street, and goats right next door, the smells in this area can become a we say overpowering. So I'm going to combat evil with good, stinky with sweet smelling. Another one of my plants that is healthy and has a heavy perfume is my honeysuckle. This Spring, it has been loaded with flowers. The humming birds and butterflies love it. As I was looking around a garden center the other day, I noticed that they had some bougainvilleas. Now there is a plant that I would love to have. I have seen some in Sevilla in Spain that were spectacular, and must have been very old because they were huge. Here, however, our winters are very harsh, and I don't believe that they would do very well. I'm on a mission to find wonderful smelling plants, and beautiful creeping plants to transform my garden. Give me a few years, and I will have done it.

Grammar notes.

Related expressions: to make a show, to end up, to look forward to..., they had (as in a shop).

1. My dogwood made a spectacular show of white flowers this year.

2. I went to the florist to buy flowers, and ended up talking to an old friend who was in there.

3. I look forward to the day when my sister and I can travel together.

4. They didn't have any sneakers in the shoe shop, but they had them in the department store.