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Jan 26, 2011

I'm so used to going to Walmart, that I could probably get there with my eyes closed. It's two blocks away from our house, so it's the perfect place for a quick shop stop. There have been renovations going on there for several months now. It started out with heavy machinery digging up a large section of the parking lot, then scaffolding on the outside, and lots of building noises. I happened to pop in the other day to buy some basic essentials, like milk and bread, when I realized that things had progressed somewhat. Where I usually walk in, was locked. It looked derelict actually, as the entryway sign had been taken down. And where there had been covered scaffolding, a new entryway was on display. It isn't quite finished yet; the sign is actually just a hanging sign. However, the entryway is usable; people were walking in and out, there were several drink dispensing machines there, and a lot more room. In true 'buy some stuff' style, the entryway was full of tasty, unhealthy treats like chips and coke, stacked like a tunnel that you had to walk through to get to the rest of the store. I'm actually excited about the rest of walmart being finished, because it will cut my shopping experience in half. After I shop at walmart, I always have to go somewhere else for fresh fruit and vegetables. Poor me! I always seem to be in a hurry, so shopping in one place will be convenient. I'm not sure what the other shops in town will do when Walmart becomes a 'super store'. Competition is healthy, but that is easy to say if you don't own a shop in the same town as Walmart. The reason I'm talking for the second time about Walmart is because it's a 'big deal' over here; it is a monstrous business that keeps its customers because of its unbeatable prices. Its slogan is "Save money. Live better." That is simple and straight to the point, isn't it! So, let's see if, in the near future, their grand re-opening lives up to their tremendous reputation.

Grammar notes.

Related vocabulary: scaffolding, basic essentials, no big deal.

1. The cathedral is being cleaned, and has scaffolding all over it.

2. We have run out of some basic essentials, so I will run to the store and get them.

3. The cinema is full, so we have to wait an hour until the next showing. No big deal!