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Jun 15, 2010

I was on Facebook today, updating comments to friends and family, when I came across a health test that I chose to take. It is called the 'Real age' test that many people have seen on Oprah. Well, I haven't seen Oprah in years, but I did want to find out about this age test. The main question to be answered by taking it is, "What is your biological age?" You might be forty, but physically you could be older or younger. I have heard of the potential difference between our biological and chronological clocks. So, of course, I was curious about mine. I'm forty two, but biologically how old am I? Thirty, forty, fifty? Eek, the thought of being older didn't please me. I clicked on the link and got on to the Real age page. There were some very simple questions to answer: my age, height, weight, my eating, driving, and exercise habits, and general lifestyle. I was thrilled to find out that I'm only thirty four biologically. Well, perhaps it's true. This Real age thing started at the Cooper clinic longevity center, and Dr. Michael Roizen examines patients with the aim of them changing a few things in their lifestyle to increase their longevity. An improvement can always be made. From the information I put into the test, apparently I don't eat enough whole grains. Okay, I agree. I buy lots of whole grain food for the family, but I don't necessarily eat it myself. I could probably eat more fruit as well. So, a good result of taking the test is that I will make a few changes. I also spent a short while on a yoga website, as I'm thinking of adding more gentle exercise to my daily routine. Whatever I do has to be doable, if you know what I mean. Something that easily fits into my day. Do you do anything for health each day? Let me know and I'll mention it on a podcast.

Grammar notes.

Related vocabulary: to update, chronological, longevity, improvement.

1. I need to update my address book. I have a lot of friends who are not yet on the list.

2. The video was in chronological order; it showed my grandfather from when he was a baby to his present birthday.

3. Taking a daily vitamin supplement is a key to longevity.

4. Improvement is proactive; it is something getting better, or making an effort to do something better.