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Jan 22, 2010

On a cold, dull, Winter day, I sometimes light a fire after picking the children up from school. We gather around and feel cozy. The lounge where we have the fireplace also has a computer and a Wii console, so there is plenty to do for everyone. Though I like to give the kids a healthy snack after school, I make an exception every now and then. Marshmallows are the perfect treat when you have an open fire. Put them on a stick, hold them over the flames, and in no time you will have a light brown, soft, warm marshmallow, ready to be devoured. It is a favorite (favourite) when camping. Infact, there is a special marshmallow recipe that I was introduced to when I came to live here: Smores. Smores are melted marshmallows with a chunk of chocolate, sandwiched in between two square crackers. A very sweet treat indeed. Smores are part of a tradition when people go camping over night, or an occasional treat to make over an open fire at home. Apparently, Americans eat about 90 million pounds of marshmallows each year. Phew! The marshmallow, as we know it, was first manufactured in 1948. However, a much older type of soft candy is found in recipes using the marsh mallow plant that has a spongy inside. This was cut out and either boiled in sugar syrup, dried, and then rolled in confectioners. However these treats began, they are certainly popular in our household, and make a sweet addition to a wintry day.

Grammar notes.

Related vocabulary: to gather, to devour, to sandwich, to manufacture

1. We all gathered around the camp fire and sang songs.

2. The Great White shark devoured its prey.

3. The underground was so full of people; I was sandwiched in between two huge people.

4. The car company will manufacture the hydrogen car next year.