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Jan 25, 2020


Have you ever met anyone who is afraid of airports? If you have, he or she is probably a person who is not familiar with them. It takes a while to get used to moving through an airport, and finding your way. Children for example can be intimidated such a large space. I think parents can be equally intimidated because children can get lost easily in such a huge building, so they must be over protective. The solution for everyone is basic training on how to use airports properly. Because I have regularly used airports for many years, and I have also been a nervous parent, I would say one of the most important rules is just to look up. All the information a person needs is up high.

Do you need to know which direction to go in? Just look up. Where is security for the check in area? Are you hungry or thirsty? Do you need to use the toilet? Again, you just need to look up and find the signs. Children find the experience very exciting when you can point out and explain to them what everything means: where they find their flight in departures, the gate they must go to, and the number of the flight. It is a valuable lesson for them to see how their tickets and boarding passes correspond to information that is displayed overhead. I suppose for children, it is a little like searching for treasure.

The other most important thing I would stress for children nervous adults is simply to ask for help. There always many people in an ambulance who are trained to help. Thankfully I have found on many occasions that a variety of people can always help, from the stewardesses, to cleaners, or those who exchange your money. So if you feel lost, you can always try asking people who work in the airport. They probably know where everything is, as they work there every day, and will probably be more than willing to help.So a place that at first seems so intimidating, where you can get lost and confused, turns out to be a place that is full of information, and people who can guide you to your destination.