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Oct 26, 2015

They walk sideways on their ten, bony legs. They are hard, and seem unfriendly. They run away from humans. Some people have them as pets, but I wouldn't! Their world is water, rivers, oceans, where they live with other cold-blooded animals. They are experts at hiding. And if you catch one, watch out! Your fingers will be pinched if you're not careful. You've probably guessed that I'm talking about the crab. It's a wild, sea creature, though some of them live in rivers. And it is unusual, compared with(1) most animals. It doesn't have any fur or feathers, and it doesn't seem to show emotion. It even wears its skeleton on the outside! One thing that it really does have is a good taste. It was that delicious flavor that prompted (2) my family and some friends to go to Birch Bay. The place is 100 miles north of Seattle, and about 35 miles south of Canada. It is a beautiful, wide bay, that is surrounded by forest. Our friends had a boat, crabbing pots, and all the equipment needed to trap our dinner. The sea must be healthy in that area, because after waiting for just a few hours, we had 30 crabs, far too much for us! We cleaned and boiled them right next to the beach, and then had a feast! The sun went down as we ate, and the most amazing colors developed on the horizon and through the sky. It was really a magical time. Those hard, but delicious creatures had lead us to a beautiful part of the country. We took so many photos of the sunset and its changing colors, and we sat after our meal, and enjoyed the gentle lap(3) of the waves on the shore.

1. 'Compared with..' is an essential tool to use in English conversation and writing. It allows you to create interesting, intermediate sentences. It points to differences, whereas saying 'compared to' points to similarities.

a. Life can be compared to a journey.

b. Ludovico Enaudi, as a composer, can be compared to Vivaldi in many ways.

c. My life in London was very different compared with my life in Wenatchee.

d. Compared with our school funds from last year, this year's funds are really low.

2. 'To prompt' is to encourage or remind. It can be used in many ways.

a. The wonderful weather prompted us to go for a hike.

b. The taste of crab prompted us to go fishing in Birch Bay.

c. During the play, the drama teacher prompted Deborah when she forgot her lines.

d. The rise in the price of milk prompted demonstrations in the capital city today.

3. 'Lap' is a noun and a verb. Your lap is the top of both thighs when you are sitting down, where someone or perhaps a pet can sit. 'To lap' is a gentle forward and backward motion, like a wave on the edge of the shore, or the tongue of an animal when it drinks.

a. We sat at the edge of the river and watched the water lap on the shore.

b. I gave my cat some milk and she lapped it up!

c. Her granddaughter sat on her lap and told her about her day at school.

d. My dog jumped up onto my lap and got me covered in mud!

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