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Jan 28, 2010

Every year in Wenatchee, there is a home show. It takes place in a large convention center that is called the Town Toyota Center. This place hosts concerts, sporting events, and any kind of large function that involves lots of people. It is a great, new facility for our area. The home show includes many exhibits of products that are used to either build, furnish, or decorate the home. So, you can imagine, there are ton(nes) of items being displayed. It's all about networking, really. The NCHBA stands for the North Central Home Builder's Association. It was established in 1993, is non-profit, and has over 600 members. As far as the general public is concerned, the home show provides an exciting view of all that goes into making a home. Also, if you happen to be looking for a general contractor, a sub-contractor, a realtor, or a craftsman, then this is a good place to start. Their association agrees on standards of quality. They also petition for or against legislation that affects the building industry. 'Our membership is united and committed to promoting and protecting affordable housing, so that families can achieve the American dream of owning their own home.' That is one of the goals of the association, as well as to increase business. There are posters all over town advertising the event which will last for three days. It is really quite an eye opener to go and see all that is involved in home ownership. I think that January is the ideal time to have the show here, as the cold weather keeps most people at home with little to do. This attracts those people, gets them out of the house, and provides a kind of entertainment, or, at least, interest. It is one of those areas of life that is easy to take for granted, especially if you have never built your own home.

Grammar notes.

Present continuous plus new vocabulary: to host, facility, general contractor, electrician, realtor, craftsman.

1. The new convention center in town is a fantastic facility: it is always hosting great concerts.

2. We are hiring a general contractor to be in charge of the building project.

3. The electricians and plumbers are sub-contractors. They are working under the general contractor.

4. I am conducting an interview with Mr. Brown. He is the most successful realtor in town, and sells houses really fast.

5. He is quite a craftsman; his company is growing rapidly.