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Oct 29, 2008

The upcoming elections.


With the upcoming elections just around the corner, the United States is abuzz with discussions, arguments, accusations, and predictions. I think that it is actually a good thing. Whenever people get together and air their opinions in a civilized manner, a lot can be accomplished. Many people, I have found, particularly in rural areas, do not talk regularly about politics, or critique political agendas. Perhaps they are too caught-up in personal affairs to give the news and the issues the time. Following national, political events takes time, and so, it seems to follow that if people are too busy, they will generally be uninformed. That is precisely why I say that the political 'buzz' is a good thing.Unfortunately the candidates, John McCain and Barak Obama, have not exactly been the examples of civility and good manners towards eachother. One would hope that they could demonstrate to the country how to politely disagree, and perhaps even find common ground. Is that idealism, pie in the sky? I hope not. I would have thought, that with the whole world watching, the candidates would show the greatest dignity, and spend more time talking about issues rather than pointing a negative finger at eachother. What do you think?

Grammar notes.

Verbs: to vote, to elect, to point the finger, to critique.

Useful expressions: just around the corner, actually, particularly, precisely, common ground, pie in the sky.

Subjunctive: Ex. If I were the President, I would + infinitive.

                         If she was the Queen, she would + infinitive.


It is election time again. It happens every four years. Two or three people decide that they would like to be President. Then the 'race' starts. How is it in your country? Do you have regular elections? Which political party do you support? There are always lots of decisions to be made. I am excited that I can vote. I am glad that what I think can add to the country's destiny. In England, where I come from, we have a similar election process, but we do not have a Presidential race. We simply vote for the political party that we prefer. Then, the winning party decides who is the best person to be Prime Minister. I wonder if a perfect system will be made one day.

Grammar notes.

 Verbs: to happen = to take place/ to occur. To support (a political party). To make a decision. To vote (for).

Thematic vocabulary: political, vote, party, Prime Minister, President, country, system, elections, candidates.