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Feb 26, 2010

Drive throughs are part of daily life here in the U.S. It all started with fast food, but now, there are drive throughs for all kinds of products, even medicine. Some pharmacies have the available option of a drive through medicine pick up for those who are in a hurry. It is convenient, especially if you have little children in the car. It is so much easier than getting everyone out of the car, keeping them quiet inside the store, and then getting back in the car. But, in the past few years, a different kind of drive through has come to Wenatchee. It's coffee. The daily drug is available sooner than before because of drive through coffee stands all over town. Some established cafes also have a drive through at the back or side of the building. One such place is The Coffee Cabin. As its name suggests, its style is western. In fact, it is just like a log cabin. The inside is very woodsy, with a big stone fireplace, and the furniture is chunky and also made out of wood . On chilly days, they have a fire in the fireplace; people order their coffees and sit around and play chess, read, or chat. Internet access is available, and there are also indoor and outdoor play areas for children. Considering all the elements of this business, it meets most people's needs. There are often two or three full-time employees making coffee and handing out bagels or muffins; they will take turns dealing with the inside customers and then the outside, drive through customers. There is always a special of the day which is some kind of flavored(oured) coffee, very popular amongst Americans. In most cafes in town, you will find about twenty flavored(oured) syrups next to the espresso machine, anything from raspberry to sugar-free mint. Curious, in my opinion, but just what works for most Americans.

Grammar notes.

Related vocabulary: drive through, available, established, chunky, chess.

1. I waited at the drive through for ages; the person in front of me had placed a huge order.

2. That dress is not available in red, only blue or black.

3. The business was established over a hundred years ago.

4. Do I look chunky in these jeans?

5. He was a whizz at chess. My goodness, he could beat everybody!