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Sep 20, 2019

About one week ago, I found myself on a beach in Seattle called Alki Beach. I had gone there with my husband for a couple of days, just to get a way from it all(1). As we have been to Seattle on many occasions, we decided to do something different. For years, we have stayed downtown, gone shopping, and eaten in nice restaurants. Enough of that! We both love natural environments, and needed a refreshing break, so we googled the parks and beaches, and came up with(2) Alki. It is situated in West Seattle on a peninsular which is called Alki Point. The area is actually quite historic. The first white settlers arrived here in 1851. Apparently, Chief Seattle and his tribe greeted them and helped them build a cabin for shelter. 

When we were there, it was full of activity. The sandy beach stretches for miles, so families and friends can hang out and do all kinds of beachy activities, like sunbathing, building sand castles, swimming, and playing frisbee. From where we were, the view of the Olympic mountains was spectacular, and the ferries going to and fro. The pair of binoculars that we had came in handy to look at the boats, canoes, and birds. Directly behind us was a wide sidewalk that was built to take all kinds of joggers, bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs. The town built next to this beach caters to(3) the visitors, of course. There are many places to eat, or get supplies for the beach. It's so pretty too, as Seattle's climate allows the area to be really green and full of trees, the best of both worlds, I think. I could have easily stayed there until the evening, but we had other places to go. I suggested to my husband that the next time we come to Seattle, we stay close to the beach, and take in all that it has to offer. 

1. 'To get away from it all' is to have a nice escape from obligations and responsibilities.

a. I've been so stressed recently. I feel like I need to get away from it     all.

b. Come and get away from it all on our cruises. They're only $6000!

2. 'To come up with' really means to discover, or to finally decide upon.

a. I thought of a nickname for you. I came up with 'Crazy Hair'.

b. It's interesting to hear how Starbucks came up with its name.

3. 'To cater to' means to serve or supply everything that is needed.

a. The 'Happy Cooks' company will cater to all your special occasion needs.

b. Stop catering to him; he's not a baby!