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May 24, 2011

You can really feel that Summer is on its way. Everyone is coming out of the woodwork. People are actually walking on the streets. You don't often see that; it's usually empty sidewalks and everyone in cars. But now, there is plenty of reason to walk. The air just feels soooo good, and the sun is not yet too hot. As I was driving home the other day, I saw two very sporty men on bicycles. Now, there happen to be a lot of cyclists in this area. It's a cycling paradise actually, because of the nearby hills and trails. But, these men were different. You could tell that they weren't cycling for pleasure. They were policemen. And they were cycling up my road! I felt sorry for them actually; our road is very steep. By the time they got to the top, they would have been exhausted. They looked as if they were in really good shape, not the typical, overweight, doughnut eating policemen in patrol cars. If you love cycling, it would be an ideal job. You'd get paid for riding your bike all day. And I doubt that they have to deal with many hardened criminals. First of all, they wouldn't get very far if they had to chase anyone in a car. And secondly, in a hot, hilly town that doesn't have many people on the streets, who would they arrest anyway? Perhaps they are showing a friendlier, healthier type of policeman to the community. They would be handy in places where people gather, like baseball parks, and community events that are outside. I suppose they could even race through a mall on their bikes, or a huge store like Walmart. Now, that would be useful because a lot of shoplifting goes on in those kinds of places. Seeing policemen on bikes, certainly changes their general image, and though they look friendly, remember that they are armed and dangerous.

Grammar notes.

Related vocabulary: sporty, a ...... paradise, to deal with.

1. She looks fit and sporty; I bet she works out, or does some kind of competitive sport.

2. That shop is a chocolate lover's paradise; it is nothing but chocolate.

3. He had to deal with customer complaints all day, and then his car broke down on the way home, the poor man!