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May 27, 2011

This is a very special podcast because I have some thanking to do. Every now and then, I check on the statistics of my podcast, and yesterday I saw that I have had more than a million downloads all together. Thank you, to all of you who have listened to my short ramblings for the past two and a half years. I suppose one million downloads isn't really that much when it comes to the internet, but for me, it's a rare number, and one that I am very excited about. Now, I can tell my friends and family, "Hey, my podcast has been downloaded more than a million times!" It's a great way to show off. A million isn't really a number that I hear very much, apart from the occasional expression. 'One in a million' is a common expression which means something or someone very special. 'A million to one' is obviously a very low chance of something happening. For example, 'The chance of me getting that job is a million to one.' However, there has been a lot of talk recently using the word 'million' because someone in our little town won a million dollars a few days ago. I'll go into the details in another podcast, because it is a story worth telling. But I will tell you that it is a deserving family of seven, both parents are teachers, and three of the five children were adopted. It's the type of story that makes you glad, because they are the kind of people who seem to deserve something special. Anyway, I'm just glad that some of you are still listening to what I have to say, and putting up with my imperfections. I must tell you that what I enjoy more than anything about podcasting, is receiving emails from you, and getting to know you a little. It's like traveling without leaving home. So, I send you all a sincere thanky ou from Wenatchee, and look forward to the next million.

Grammar notes.

Related vocabulary: statistics, to ramble, to show off, one in a million.

1. Statistics show that it is safer to fly than to travel by car.

2. I wish he would get to the point. He just rambles on about unrelated ideas.

3. He polished his new car and showed it off around town.

4. My grandmother is one in a million; she's a very special and unique individual.