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Apr 17, 2017

While my family and I were spending time in Seattle, we went to a bagel company for brunch. The company is called Blazing Bagels, and they are based in Redmond. We weren't sure what to expect; we were simply hoping for some good food. We pulled the car into a small area of businesses near the circus tent where we had been the night before. The building was very basic, in fact, when I walked in, it reminded me of a warehouse(1), rather than a bakery. Its walls were made of corrugated iron(2), and its seating arrangement was basic and understated. But, as you know, first impressions can easily be wrong; you can't judge a book by its cover(3). The bakers in this place were definitely bagel experts. Not only did the whole building smell like fresh, yummy bread, but there were dozens of different kinds of bagels to choose from, all within reach. They had sesame, egg, pumpernickel, cranberry orange, and even snickerdoodle, which is traditionally a sugar-cinnamon cookie. There were many others as well, a huge variety to suit anyone's tastes. They even had vegan food items for the bagel sandwiches. When I lived in London, I had heard American students talk about bagels and how much they missed them. At that time they weren't common in England. However, times have changed. And now that I live in the U.S, I eat bagels on a regular basis. The best thing about them, as far as I can see, is their texture. They have a thin chewy skin, and are moist and substantial inside. My son Cass, who likes to cook, made some one day. I was surprised to find that before you put them in the oven, they must be boiled for a few minutes. This helps to cook the outside layer, but at the same time keeps a lot of the moisture inside. That must be the Polish secret. So we had our fill at Blazing Bagels, and took a big bag home. I should try and cook them one day, but, on the other hand, I would rather leave the hard work to the experts.

1. 'Warehouse' is a large storage area or depository for manufactured goods or raw materials.

a. The warehouse was huge; it had machines in it of all kinds that were going to be shipped to China.

b. That abandoned warehouse would be the perfect place to play laser tag.

2. 'Corrugated iron' is a sheet of metal that has an undulated or wavy appearance. It is a good material to use for roofing or for building sheds.

a. We built the roof of the chicken coop (house) out of corrugated iron because we get so much snow in the winter.

b. The old corrugated iron had rusted and come away from the roof. It was blowing around dangerously in the storm.

3. 'You can't judge a book by its cover' is an English saying which means that you cannot judge only by appearances.

a. I gave the homeless man some money, and he talked to me about philosophy and mathematics. You certainly can't judge a book by its cover!

b. The restaurant looked elegant and new, but inside it was dirty and had poor quality food. You can't judge a book by its cover.

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