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Jun 29, 2009


Grab your swimming trunks or your swimming suit and head to the nearest park to cool off this summer. Just up the road from here, a new park, paid for by Rotary, has been set up for the locals. It is in a residential area where there are lots of young families, so it is a perfect spot for kids to run around,...

Jun 24, 2009


Father's Day is celebrated here in the United States on the twenty first of June. It is a day when special attention is given to fathers. Shops are filled with cards of all sorts, thanking the fathers and grandfathers for being great people. Young children especially celebrate this day. Just as with Mother's...

Jun 22, 2009


Ellensburg is a town that is about an hour and a half's drive from Wenatchee. If you take the main road towards Seattle, you will find it on the way. The town is situated in a very wide valley that is pretty and green, especially at the moment because of spring rains and snow melt. We spent this last weekend...

Jun 17, 2009


Welcome back to The Tour of Homes. We are still in the kitchen, but today, instead of going over vocabulary related to furniture and appliances, lets get on with some cooking. Now, what is cooking without herbs and spices? They make our food so interesting! I have a variety in my kitchen cabinet, all in one...

Jun 15, 2009


Scotland forms part of the United Kingdom. It is the northern most country of the group, and takes up about a third of the overall territory. Its southern border is with England. On the east side, it borders with the North Sea, on the north and west sides with the Atlantic, and southeast with the Irish Sea....