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Oct 18, 2013

John: Hi Liz, are you still playing with that thing?

Liz: Oh yes, hi John. I'm still getting used to my new iPhone. I'm getting to know the apps really well.

John: I can see that. I was standing next to you for 5 minutes before you looked up.

Liz: Oh gosh, sorry! It's just so fascinating. I actually missed the bus...

Oct 15, 2013

In the United States, young men and women are allowed to start driving lessons when they are fifteen. They apply for an 'Initial Permit', take lessons, and have the opportunity to drive the family car. They have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian(1) who is over 21 and who has a proper(2) driver's license. After a...

Oct 10, 2013

As I look at the calendar, I realise that I have about five weeks left, five weeks before the snow 'flies'(1). There are lots of things to do before the beautiful, white blanket of snow covers our town. I'm a gardener, a self-proclaimed (2)addict. But that's not a bad thing. As I sit here typing, looking out at the back...

Oct 4, 2013

John: What have you got there?

Liz: Oh, it's a new cell phone.

John: Nice. Is it a smart phone?

Liz: Yep. I decided that it was about time for me to get one.

John: What kind is it?

Liz: An iPhone 4S; it's quite basic really. There are newer models, but this is all I need. 

John: Well, you've got internet access and a...