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Jun 15, 2017

I was at Pybus market a few weeks ago. It was a Saturday and the place was packed. I had gone with my mother and friend to a conference that was held in a multi-purpose(1) back room. We broke for lunch, and had an hour to do whatever we wanted to. As Pybus is basically an indoor market with restaurants and cafes, we decided to stay there for lunch and to try out a new restaurant, Pybus Bistro. We sat at the bar and chatted while the chefs prepared our food right in front of us. The place is mainly a large kitchen with a bar, and a few small tables on the periphery(2). It was both fascinating and entertaining watching the cooks fully focus on their individual activities. I love open-plan kitchens, as you can see exactly what is going on, and the cooks know that they're being watched. There was no doubt that(3) these were professionals. They were extremely clean, and worked efficiently and independently. Our food was served to us right from the pot and the chopping board, hot and fresh. As we ate, a choir moved into the main walk way where there is a stage, and started to sing gospel music. "There you are," said one of the chefs, "you have lunch and entertainment!" The food lived up to my expectations: nicoise salad, baguette sandwiches, and fondue. I felt like I was back in Europe! This kind of food is finally catching on here in Wenatchee. I talked to the pastry chef for a while and she mentioned that they are going to open a French bakery somewhere in town this year. Oh yeah! I will be one of the first customers. 

1. 'Multi-purpose' is a word that can be used for multiple purposes! Some people write it as one word, and as I have researched, that is also correct. 

a. Instead of buying lots of tools, I bought a few multi-purpose tools that do just as many jobs.

b. This sofa is multi-purpose. It turns into a bed, and you can also divide it into two chairs!

2. 'Periphery' is similar to 'peripheral' meaning on the outer edges. 'Periphery' is the noun, whereas 'peripheral' is the adjective.

a. The periphery of the town has the potential for parks or car dealerships.

b. His eyes are incredible. His iris is light blue around the pupil, then dark blue, and then the periphery is light brown. 

3. 'There is/ was no doubt that' is great for a sentence!

a. There is no doubt that his perseverance will pay off. 

b. There was no doubt that he had made the right decision; open doors of opportunity came his way for at least a whole year.

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