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Nov 17, 2009


I drove around town today, looking for 'Hello Kitty' posters. I couldn't find any. I was so frustrated. I have a project going on at home that I really want to finish. Last week I painted my children's rooms, and now I am looking for accessories like pictures, lamps, and rugs to make the bedrooms comfortable. I don't actually like shopping because most of the time I'm in a hurry. But, I'm making a special effort to get things just right. Robert is into fishing, so I would like to get a poster of someone fly fishing in a mountain stream. My oldest two are into music, architecture, and mythology, so I'm sure there are some interesting elements that I could add to their rooms. Domini's room is actually in need of posters to break up all of the pink of the room. The color I chose is exceptionally pink; a little overpowering. She thinks it's great. It's her 'girly' get-a-way from the boys and their stuff. "No boys allowed," is her rule for her bedroom, and of course the "no girls allowed" rule applies to the other bedrooms. At night, though, when it gets dark, and they know that it's bedtime, you can guarantee that two or three of them will be sleeping in the same bedroom.

Grammar notes.

 Vocabulary: accessories, to be in a hurry, element, a get-a-way.


Those pillows and pictures are perfect accessories for this room.

Gosh, I'm always in a hurry. I feel like a busy mouse!

The marriage scene was a necessary element in the film.

The spa was a perfect weekend get-a-way for both of us.


Don't ask me why I decided to spend a week painting the kids' bedrooms. The project doesn't sound too intimidating does it? Projects never do, though, do they? They just get more involved and trickier as time goes on. In retrospect, I can say that the rooms definitely look better; it was time that they had a fresh coat of paint. However, my back, my hands, and my patience are all the worse for wear. I had originally wanted to present new and improved bedrooms to my kids all at once, which would have meant getting all of the painting and decorating done in one day, - impossible. The 'extreme make-over' programs that we have on television inspired me too much. If I had made over four bedrooms in one day, I would have ended up in hospital! But, my kids know me. They know that I try my best, and they also know to not say anything if I give them 'the look'. You know, the look that means, "I'm exhausted, back off, you don't know what my day has been like, don't even think about moaning or asking me for anything ...etc...etc." Anyone who has had a mother will understand what 'the look' is. But, the worst is over; the work has been done, and is just about finished. I did some touch-ups today, and will probably do more tomorrow to make my little puppies proud.

Grammar notes.

Common expressions: in retrospect, to be the worse for wear, a fresh coat of paint, new and improved, back off, a touch-up.


In retrospect, we should never have bought that car!

After fixing the appliances in the kitchen, all of my tools were the worse for wear; they were worn out and bent.

You don't need to do much to your new house. A fresh coat of paint is really all it needs.

Behold my new and improved grandma. She's lost thirty pounds, had a facelift, dyed her hair red, and bleached her teeth.

Back off mister! Take one step closer, and I'll call the police!

I touched up the paint in the hall, then I touched up my makeup because I was going on a date.