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Jul 30, 2010

In the yard, the Captain whispered to his men, "Wait until you hear my signal. Then leave your barrels and storm the house." Morgiana helped Ali Baba's family feed their guest. She thought it strange that a man would arrive so early for market, but the oil merchant seemed very polite. After everyone had gone to bed, Morgiana finished cleaning up. Her lamp ran out of oil. She thought she'd have to finish cleaning in the dark until she remembered the barrels of oil in the yard. She walked up to a barrel. A voice whispered, "Is it time?" Morgiana sensed danger. She answered in a deep voice, "Not yet, but soon." Then, gathering some hay around each barrel, Morgiana lit the hay with a torch. The 39 cowardly thieves coughed from the smoke. They popped out from their barrels and ran away to keep from getting burned. The Captain of Thieves made his signal, but none of his men moved. Something had gone wrong again. The Captain returned to the cave to find his 39 robbers gone. Now on his own, the thief decided he would have to use all his cunning to plan his revenge. it would take time, too. The Captain dressed as a shop owner, went into town, and took up lodgings at an inn. He opened a shop across the road from Ali Baba's shop. The Captain pretended to be somebody else for many months. He waited in this disguise until just the right moment. After a while, Ali Baba invited the newest shop owner over for dinner. The Captain accepted and brought a basket of fine goods. He smiled as he met Ali Baba and his family. Even though he was polite, the Captain carried a dagger in his belt which was intended for Ali Baba and his son. Morgiana saw the dagger first. She then recognized the man as the oil merchant who had threatened Ali's household. Morgiana quickly came up with a plan. She wore long, flowing scarves, then entered the dining room to dance for the guest. Morgiana danced close to the Captain. Stepping behind him, she wrapped a scarf lightly around his arms then pulled hard. He could not move. "What are you doing?" Ali Baba cried. "This man is our guest." "He is your enemy," she exclaimed. "He has a dagger!" At that, Ali Baba's son took the dagger, and the Captain of Thieves was sent directly to prison. "I owe you my life, Morgiana," Ali Baba said. "Please marry my son and join our family." Morgiana agreed and they celebrated with a splendid wedding.