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Jul 3, 2013

Liz: I hope the food gets here soon; I'm starving!

Father: Yes, sorry I slept for so long, I just couldn't seem to wake up.

Liz: That's alright Dad. It's better that you sleep than be grumpy all day.....

Father: Me? Grumpy? Never!

Liz: So, after breakfast what would you two like to do first? Art museum or park?

Mother: Well, we should do the park first while it's still cool, don't you think? Then, when it's hotter we can go to the art museum.

Father: Good thinking dear. But if I don't eat soon I'll pass out and you'll have to carry me. Where are my eggs and bacon?

Liz: Yes, they are taking a long time. I wonder what the problem is.

Father: It sounds like they're still gathering the eggs from the chickens and chasing the pigs!

Liz: Oh, so you're never grumpy, eh?

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