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Dec 31, 2008


We keep busy in the Winter. We play in the snow and do sports, but there are other things to do inside the house. Because we live in an older home, there are projects to do. These are small changes that need to be made to the house. Why do we do these things? Well, for improvement, of course; to improve the house and how everything works. My husband's project this Winter is to move the laundry room from downstairs to the upstairs. It sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, there is alot involved. For it to be a success, we need the help of an electrician and a plumber. The electrician works with the wiring and electricity. A plumber works with all of the water pipes. The new laundry room will be where three closets were. And a mud room will be where the old laundry room was. It will take, perhaps, two weeks, and then, hey presto, it will be ready. It will make life quite a bit easier for me, so when it is finished I will definitely celebrate.

Grammar notes.

Comparative adjectives: old, older, oldest.

Verbs: to do. Exs: Why do we do these things? Why did you do that? When will they make dinner?

Useful vocabulary: to be a success; wiring (wires); plumbing; laundry room; closets; hey presto.


When you buy an old house, it is often necessary to do some renovating. That is the case with our house. By European standards, what I'm used to, this house is not old at all. It is thirty years old. However, in this part of the world, the houses are made mainly out of wood, and so it is easy to knock down walls and have a bit of necessary mess for the goal of having a more efficient house. My husband enlisted himself to " get it done", and has been at it for several days now. It started out with all sorts of banging and crashing, followed the next day by loud electric saw noises, more banging, and then loads of dust. I was impressed. I like a bit of destruction every now and then, as long as it is controlled. Well, the project is taking place. Walls have come down, and new ones have gone up in different places. My youngest boy helped to pull down some of the sheet rock, which made him feel very manly and useful. So what will be the end product? A new laundry room. I know, it doesn't sound very exciting, does it. But for me, a domestic goddess, it is a must, a more efficient place where the necessary evil of laundry will take place.

Grammar notes.

Useful expressions: to renovate; that is the case with ....; a goal; efficiency; to enlist oneself (eg in the army); loads of......; an electric saw; taking place; necessary evil.

Exs: He enlisted himself in the navy two years ago.

       A wedding is taking place in the hotel.

       Good education leads to good jobs; that has been the case with all   of my children.