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Dec 28, 2015

I hear almost every day about useful apps. I have many already on my iPhone that make my life easier and more productive. One of the most practical that I have found is Google Maps. It has saved me so much time and frustration. It is essentially a map with a voice that guides you, step by step, to your destination. Hurray for that! For those of us who love languages, there are hundreds of language learning apps. A friend of mine from Iran recently told me about an extremely popular app that can be used for anything from teaching languages, business communication, sharing of files, or simply messaging and friendly chats. It's called Telegram. I have read quite a lot about it, and will continue to do so because it sounds very useful indeed. It was developed by the Durov brothers from Russia, but has its head quarters in Berlin. And the founders have covered all the costs(1), so it is free, and there is no advertising at all. Hamed, my friend from Iran, is an experienced English teacher who is quite the perfectionist(2) when it comes to learning English. In fact, he used to Skype with me in order to perfect his accent. Telegram is an easy platform for him to share videos, grammar notes, or even to have general discussions. It sounds like something that I can use! It is also dedicated to its users' privacy. In this competitive world of social media, it will be interesting to see if Telegram outdoes Facebook and Twitter by offering better service and more privacy. Hamed certainly gives it the thumbs up(3), and invites anyone who wants to learn English to try his free group. Just install Telegram on your device and try the link:

Hamed's English Group


 1. 'To cover the cost' means to pay for everything. This phrase it usually used in the context of business or insurance.

a. The company covered the cost of the business dinner.

b. Thankfully, my insurance company covered the cost of getting a new engine for my car.

2. 'To be quite the (perfectionist) etc'. This phrase is emphatic, and similar to saying, "He is such a perfectionist."

a. I was surprised. My shy brother was quite the entertainer at the party last night.

b. She is quite the activist. She never misses an opportunity to speak for those who need help.

3. 'To give someone/something thumbs up/down'. This phrase describes giving approval or disapproval. It is related to the Roman Caesars' thumbs up or down given at the end of gladiator games.

a. We got the thumbs up from the principal to hold a health assembly in the High School.

b. I give Google Maps an enthusiastic thumbs up.

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