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Apr 10, 2019

As promised, today I will go over the grammar points from my last podcast, 'Jungle'. As you will remember, I danced the night away to the music of this British band. And all that dancing brought to mind some useful phrases.

1. Winter had been 'extraordinarily' long. We lose the sound of the first 'a'.

Extraordinary - adjective

Extraordinarily - adverb.

a. The little boy was 'extraordinarily' descriptive about his day.

b. The cat was extraordinarily brave; it fought the dog and won!

 2. It's just as well that we spent the night, as the concert finished at midnight. It is similar in meaning to 'it's a good job that'.

a. It is just as well that I checked my calendar. I have a dentist appointment in 10 minutes!

b. It's pouring! I'm glad you insisted on bringing umbrellas. It's just as well (that) you did!

3. Their lyrics are clean, which for me 'is a (huge) plus'.

a. I like going with you to places because you always bring snacks in your car. That's a huge plus. 

b. Spending time with loved ones is important, and if you have time to listen to them, it's a huge plus.