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Oct 28, 2008

One of the ways in which my family and I relax during the evening is watching movies. It is more an occasional treat than a daily activity. Life in a big family is very busy, and often there is very little time to sit down, let alone to watch a film. But when we do, we love to snuggle up together after a good meal and watch something exciting or inspiring. Spiderman is one of our favorites. Of course it's fantasy, but why not? My second oldest boy used to be a fanatic. He had the costumes, the legos, and, of course, the comics. For Halloween he was Spiderman; for one of his birthdays the theme was, well, you guessed it, that same hero. He even practiced the Spiderman 'moves'. It is incredibly cute to see a little boy of six or seven years try to whip around the house like the man in red. We recently watched the latest addition to the Spiderman saga; the mind boggles at the new 'bad guys' with all their different physical characteristics, powers, and reasons for being evil. At the conclusion of the movie, the children will jump around, happy and relieved that the 'baddies' got what they deserved, and that justice triumphs. Even for adults, it's an easy way to feel empowered to improve the state of the world.

Grammar notes.

Useful expressions: let alone, you guessed it, cute, recently, the latest addition/ the latest edition, to whip around, the mind boggles, 'bad guys'.

Verbs: used to + infinitive = had a habit of/ did something for a while.  To get what you deserve.

Favorite (american spelling) = favourite.


Do you enjoy watching movies? We do in our family. My children like adventure movies, while my husband and I prefer drama or historical movies. As Winter gets nearer and the days get shorter, we enjoy watching films together. There is a growing collection of DVDs in a cupboard in the lounge. Some of our favorite ones are Star Wars, Ace Ventura, and Spiderman. "Spiderman is sooo cool, mom," says one of my boys. And, yes, I agree. He really is cool. He is very powerful, and can do many things that we can't. It is not surprizing that lots of children want to be him. Now that we are preparing for Halloween, you can see in the shops many, many costumes for being Spiderman on that special night.

Grammar notes.

Do and does for questions and answers.

I agree/ I disagree.

It is not surprizing *(American spelling) - surprising (English spelling).